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OmniFab is the tool used by companies in the cutting technology industry to drive digital transformation. The OmniFab Suite helps you to create quotes. It is used for production planning, control and monitoring. The collected data brings you real added value by providing you with contextual information.

And when you know what‘s going on in your company, you can make the right adjustments. With OmniFab, you ensure maximum transparency in operations management, production planning and control, work preparation, machine operation, service and maintenance.


The modular design of OmniFab allows you to gradually introduce digitization in your company. OmniFab grows as a flexible suite together with your requirements. In this way, you can integrate Messer‘s engineering technology into your business processes in a forward-looking manner.


All systems work „hand in hand“ along the entire value chain of the company. Order data from the ERP system is available in your CAD/CAM software. Results from production along with the order data run seamlessly back into your ERP system.


Pre-calculated production times and material usage are checked with real data and flow into the calculation parameters. Data on machine utilization and downtimes are recorded and evaluated.


From the machine data, you generate plannable maintenance intervals and discover potential for optimization.

The result: competitive advantage through digitization in production and increased production efficiency.


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OmniFab Modules:

ERP Connect

Use the potential of your software systems along your value chain by connecting them.

Sales Quotes

Create your quotes fast and reliable. Save time and reduce errors in your order-related production.

Job Management

Manage your production orders digital. Get jobs at the right time on the right machine.

Material Flow

Connect material handling systems: loading / unloading stations, towers, material transportation devices, ...


Complete, up-to-date and reliable data for production control. Even on tablets or smartphones.

Machine Insight

Real-time machine monitoring provides you with the status and data of each connected machine.

Further Options

OmniWin 2024

Design and Nesting for numerous Cutting Tasks


Best in Class Technology for Bevel Cutting


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Your path to digitalization:

Order Management

How do I save manual steps in order processing?

Work Preparation

How can I optimally nest my jobs to save material and time?

Production Planning

Is my production running as planned or are there problems?

Machine Operating

How can I process jobs on the machine according to priority and report back deviations from the planning?

Business Analysis

How high is the utilization of my machines and what are the reasons for a standstill?


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