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Use Messer machines more efficiently with Information Technology Machines and software from the same supplier guarantee the best utilization of available resources. Your IT supported production environment meshes with your manufacturing engineering ERP solutions. All processes work together smoothly for the overall added value creation.

From preparing quotations to post calculations, from design of the parts to the creation of nested plans, the transfer of the plans to the machines and finally the cutting of the parts, you have perfect information management. This guarantees efficient production with the highest quality standards whether it be with small batch quantities in engineering and plant construction or with just in time order based production with ever changing quantities in a job shop. Because quality, timing and the price is right, your competitiveness is as well.


OmniWin is a modern and flexible design and nesting software, which adapts intelligently to your machine and your cutting needs. It takes over all cutting tasks for order-based production with CNC thermal cutting machines. OmniWin is effective and economical for small production runs in the machine and manufacturing industry, as well as in just-in-time manufacturing with changing quantities at custom cutting operations. OmniWin is the ideal tool for production planning with thermal cutting for oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting with CNC machines.

OmniBevel is the professional software product for bevel cutting. lt represents straight cuts, cylindrical holes, exact bevel angles and parts with absolute dimensional accuracy. The application is also characterized by enormous flexibility. Almost all possible technology parameters and operation details can be adjusted.

OmniFab is a modular software suite that grows with your requirements. All systems work "hand in hand" across the entire value chain of the company. Order data from the ERP system is available in your CAD/CAM software. Results from production run seamlessly back into your ERP system with the order data.


With our process oriented solutions you have targeted control over your operative daily business and optimize your management tasks. The integration of your production in your ERP world makes your manufacturing engineering economics transparent. Your resources can be planned and calculated. Together with our expert team you develop your individual information management. In this process we apply our extensive technical knowledge and our long years of experience in such a way that you gain the maximum benefit. The outcomes are integrated and optimized processes that manage prices, times and costs for you, organize resources and control results.

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