"How do I save manual steps in order processing?"

"I process customer orders and maintain order data and other customer requirements in the ERP system. Much of this data must be available throughout production. That is why I print out the order papers, which I pass on to the production planning department. We have to pay close attention, especially when changing the order with short notice. When production is finished, I receive back the paperwork with the recorded production data from the machine operators. I then enter this data into the customer order to carry out actual costing."

OmniFab ERP Connect.

Saves time. Completely automatic.

OmniFab ERP Connect receives your order data as well as data on plates and components from your ERP system and maintains them in the OmniWin nesting software. The production results are reported back to the ERP system to perform post-calculation and update inventories. OmniFab ERP Connect, like all MesserSoft solutions, can be implemented quickly and without problem.


+ You save time through automatic transfer,
+ the exchange of data is error free and is never lost.
+ your systems are all always up to date, even if there are subsequent changes,
+ you have permanent access to all data in all systems and process steps.


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How do I save manual steps in order processing?

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