Klostermann: With OmniFab into the age of Industry 4.0


Productivity increased with OmniMat®, LaserMat® II and OmniFab

To process exceptionally large or thick plates precisely – that is a job for specialists such as Otto Klostermann GmbH. They have both many years’ experience and a comprehensive Knowhow in processing large plates as well as an appropriate range of machines in XXL format. When it comes to thermal cutting – no matter whether oxyfuel, plasma or laser – this plate processing specialist from Castrop-Rauxel relies totally on modern, high performance systems from Messer Cutting Systems.

Since its foundation in 1848, Otto Klostermann GmbH has been engaged in steel processing. In the past decades, this family run company has increasingly made its name with thermal cutting using laser, plasma and oxyfuel technology as well as with cold forming. “Building vehicles and waggons, bridge construction, shipbuilding, crane manufacture and making sluice gates – our specialist field is XXL formats. We work with lengths, widths and material thicknesses which only a few can handle. To do this we have purchased a correspondingly modern set of machines” states Philipp Klostermann, Managing Director of Otto Klostermann GmbH.

New Laser machine for large tasks

With their newest investment in a LaserMat® II Klostermann now relies for laser cutting completely on the problem solving skills of Messer Cutting Systems. “Our old laser cutting system was getting on in years. It was no longer state of the art and there were also no spare parts available for it any longer. As the laser machine is totally loaded all year round with us it was clear to us that we needed a new one”, says Philipp Klostermann. “We are very satisfied with our existing OmniMat® plasma and oxyfuel cutting systems. They work flawlessly every day and have never let us down. An additional benefit is their size: We mainly process very large plates, and the Messer machines can process these XXL sizes. So, for us only a laser system from Messer came into question.”

With the LaserMat® II the steel specialists found the perfectly appropriate cutting system at Messer Cutting Systems. The powerful system was conceived specially for large plate processing with the

CO2 laser and combines precision with speed – even when processing large steel sheets weighing many tonnes. Roland Leyendecker, regional sales manager for the Region West at Messer Cutting Systems: “Thanks to the flexible technology we can match our systems variably — regardless of the cutting technology with which they are equipped — to meet the customer’s requirements in working widths and lengths, and with different additional options for the most versatile demands, such as with the LaserMat® II for Klostermann.”

With their new laser system, Klostermann can, for example, cut components out of Mild Steel up to 25 mm thick or from Stainless Steel up to 20 mm thick. Thanks to the on-board laser beam source (resonator) plates up to 4,500 mm wide and up to 30 m long can be processed. Philipp Klostermann: “These are exactly the XXL sizes which we had in mind. To achieve this, we were happy to extend the length of the vibration damped foundations of the old laser system by four metres.”

High cut quality and precision with short processing times

An optical beam path length compensation keeps the length of the laser beam constant during transverse axis movements and ensures the highest laser beam and cut quality over the entire cutting area. The high positioning and repetitive accuracy of the system is achieved by Messer Cutting Systems by a series of harmonised functional factors. These include, for example the track construction suitable for laser and robust linear guidance. Besides this precision, accelerations of up to 0.5g and a simultaneous positioning speed of up to over 100 m/min also ensure outstanding dynamic performance and speed. The real time control generates extremely short piercing times and allows the finest micro-stitches.

“What is more, the infinitely rotating bevel head enables us to perform continuous bevels from -45° to +45°. Furthermore, we can not only prepare countersinks with the highest surface quality directly during the cutting process, but we can also cut and mark with the same tool – an unbeatable saving in costs and time”, enthuses Philipp Klostermann. “We are very satisfied with the LaserMat® II. Not only do we process more plate in the same time compared to the old system but also the quality has improved.”

Plasma and oxyfuel technology at the latest level

As well as the new LaserMat®, there are three OmniMat® machines in the production hall of Otto Klostermann GmbH. The experts had also here decided for over-sizes: “Our OmniMat® cutting machines are the ideal solution for large working areas and the toughest production conditions thanks to their high load capacity and productivity. The versatile options permit oxyfuel and plasma cutting as well as demanding vertical and bevel cutting. The OmniMat® also has suitable equipment for drilling and marking. Thanks to the high loadbearing gantry design and the positive engagement twin-sided longitudinal drive and the precisely machined guide profiles, the unit offers high cutting accuracy and contour faithfulness. What is more, positioning speeds of up to 30 m/min, high acceleration, and fast torch lifters (16 m/min) ensure reduced unproductive time”, says Leyendecker.

The largest OmniMat® at Klostermann cuts plates with widths up to 6,800 mm and a length of up to 56,000 mm with a maximum material thickness of 300 mm (oxyfuel) or up to 50 mm (plasma). This machine is equipped with a vertical plasma cutting torch and two oxyfuel heads. Two Skew Rotator plasma bevel cutting units make it possible to add precise bevels to the parts with a torch setting angle from -45° to +45°.

The service of Messer Cutting Systems includes regular updates and upgrades of the machines. So, the OmniMat® cutting systems at Klostermann were also brought up to the latest state of the art: On the one hand one of the “small” machines was already upgraded some time ago with a second Skew Rotator. On the other hand, in 2020 all machines had a system upgrade to the current generation of the Global Control from Messer Cutting Systems.

This means that all three OmniMat® units can now use the advantages of the newest hard and software, the improvements in both the Human Machine Interface and the operating system. With OmniFab Machine Insight, Klostermann has also entered the age of Industry 4.0. The software solution gives important information to the cutting machines whilst in production. The real time machine monitoring shows status and data to each connected machine. Graphic displays give an insight into the loading of the machines, their idle times with reasons for them and the frequency of errors at specific times. The result is a maximum of transparency for the production management, production planning and control, work preparation, machine operators and service and maintenance.

Philipp Klostermann: “Through this upgrade, and above all though the increased computing power, the machines run even better and more fluidly. With OmniFab we can spot mistakes sooner and correct them as well as further reducing the number of errors. So digitalisation helps us to achieve increased production efficiency.”


Philipp Klostermann: “For many years we have enjoyed with Messer Cutting Systems a close, friendly and trustful business relationship, and we are convinced by the technology of the solution suppliers. Absolutely everything fits here: The machines – whether plasma, oxyfuel or laser – run very reliably and fast. In doing so they work very precisely and ensure the best cut quality. The results are optimised production processes and high productivity. The value for money is also right and the service today is better than ever. So why should we bring cutting systems from any other manufacturer into our production?” 

Photos: Messer Cutting Systems

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Messer Cutting Systems:

Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of products and services for the metalworking industry and sets standards world-wide. The product range includes oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting systems from hand guided machines right up to special machines for shipbuilding as well as machines and equipment for oxyfuel welding, cutting, brazing and heating. Spare parts, repairs, modernisation, maintenance and service as well as environmental equipment for systems round out the program. Further the company offers the optimisation of production and business processes with their own in-house software solutions. The product range is completed by solutions from technology partners, for example in the field of automation.

With more than 900 employees at 5 main locations with production facilities, Messer Cutting Systems is represented in over 50 countries. A modern training centre makes clear their claim to create an intensive dialogue with the customs at all times. Messer Cutting Systems is the world-wide partner of choice for cutting systems.

The LaserMat® II offers Klostermann exactly the solution for the processing of very large and heavy plates which the steel experts had looked for.

Also the OmniMat® cutting machines are, thanks to their high capacity and productivity, ideally suited for large working areas and the toughest production conditions.

Digital Information and Process Technologies from MesserSoft

In Industry 4.0, production interlocks with the most modern information and communication technology. Machines and software from a single source ensure maximum utilization of existing resources.

The modular software portfolio from MesserSoft integrates Messer cutting machines into business and production processes in the best possible way and supports key functions throughout the entire workflow. Traditionally, the entry into digitization is made via work preparation with OmniWin and OmniBevel. The solutions are integrated by the OmniFab Suite, the digital support for operators, production managers, process analysts and service technicians. Messer machines and MesserSoft digitalization solutions thus guarantee the perfect introduction to Industry 4.0.

MesserSoft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Messer Cutting Systems and our portfolio combines all the software products of the group under one roof. Our core competence is the integration of Messer machines into the business processes of leading cutting companies world-wide.

As a well-established team of experts with high IT and cutting competence, we are closely networked with the global resources and the competence centers of Messer Cutting Systems. This is why we can react quickly and precisely to your needs. With us, you will always find the best solution for your production. With efficiency advantages in production and operation.

Machine, software and service from a single source as an integrated total solution.