OmniWin - Dimensioning


OmniWin allows you to add dimensions to parts and plates in CAD mode.

Use the functions in the “Dimension” menu or the Dimension Toolbar for this. Select the required dimensioning option from the “Dimension” menu.

The following dimension functions are available:

  • Horizontal, vertical and aligned Linear
  • Angular 2 lines and 3 points
  • Radius and Diameter
  • Arc Length

The automatic dimensioning function allows you to add all required dimensions to a part or plate in one step and apply dimensions automatically in reports.

OmniWin Dimensioning

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In Industry 4.0, production interlocks with the most modern information and communication technology. Machines and software from a single source ensure maximum utilization of existing resources.

The modular software portfolio from MesserSoft integrates Messer cutting machines into business and production processes in the best possible way and supports key functions throughout the entire workflow. Traditionally, the entry into digitization is made via work preparation with OmniWin and OmniBevel. The solutions are integrated by the OmniFab Suite, the digital support for operators, production managers, process analysts and service technicians. Messer machines and MesserSoft digitalization solutions thus guarantee the perfect introduction to Industry 4.0.

MesserSoft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Messer Cutting Systems and our portfolio combines all the software products of the group under one roof. Our core competence is the integration of Messer machines into the business processes of leading cutting companies world-wide.

As a well-established team of experts with high IT and cutting competence, we are closely networked with the global resources and the competence centers of Messer Cutting Systems. This is why we can react quickly and precisely to your needs. With us, you will always find the best solution for your production. With efficiency advantages in production and operation.

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