Real-time machine monitoring

OmniFab Option Machine Insight provides you with important information about your cutting machines in real time during operation.

Real-time machine monitoring provides you with the status and data of each connected machine.

You see
- All important information about the program that is currently cut on the machine,
- The shift in which you are currently working,
- A graphical representation of the workload in the last eight hours, and
- The number and type of faults that have occurred on the machine in the last 24 hours.

This enables you to detect faults more quickly and initiate measures to eliminate them at an early stage.

Graphical illustrations show the machine utilization and reasons for downtime for
- Definable periods of time (days, weeks and months),
- Working time
- Idle time and
- Error time

The times used for the various processes (cutting, positioning, piercing and preheating,) are also clearly displayed. Times and work steps can be displayed per shift.
You get an insight into the utilization of the machines, the downtimes and reasons and recognize the accumulation of errors at certain times.

The information about the machines and the current utilization can also be displayed via an app for mobile devices.

Machine Insight
-     Machine monitoring and machine utilization
-     Reports and statistics
-    App for mobile devices

The job reports show you when a job was started, when it was stopped, how much time was scheduled for the job, and how much time was actually needed for the job.
By recording the actual times, you gain better data for planning production. Jobs with the largest deviations between planned and required time are clearly identified and can be optimized.

Reports are available as PDF files based on working days or weeks. Thanks to the compact presentation of the reports, you can also easily keep track of a large number of machines. Additional functions make it easier to recognize patterns in the event of anomalies in the data and initiate necessary measures earlier and more purposefully.

The reports provide you with an overview of
- Machine utilization,
- Downtimes and reasons,
- Process times,
- Frequency of error categories, and
- Errors responsible for the highest downtimes.

You get an overview of available plates, parts or the current orders and their status. Use reliable data from production to identify trends and weaknesses. In this way, you can make the right adjustments to your production process to be more efficiently saving time and money.

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Automation, transparency & availability in production. Drives your digital transformation.

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