OmniWin 2020.2 Feature Preview


Copy Technology to Identical Inner Contours

With our 2020.2 release you can now copy technologies assigned to an inner contour to all identical inner contours in a nested part.

- Use the new function “Copy technology” from the toolbar or the “Modify” menu for this.

- Click the contour to be copied to all identical contours in the part.

It is available for straight and advanced bevel nesting plans.

This copies:

- all leads (incl. positions and pre-piercings)

- all technologies (e.g. stitches, loops, auxiliary functions, corner roundings, ...)

- start, end and join macros and their parameters

Use the existing function “Transfer Technology from Selected Part” to copy your changes throughout the nesting plan to all identical parts.


OmniWin 2020.2 Feature Preview : Copy Technology to Identical Inner Contours

Integrating Messer-technology into workflow processes

MesserSoft is the software partner in the field of PPS/ERP and automation for the customers of Messer Cutting Systems. We develop and market solutions for the integration of Messer-engineering technology into the production procedures of leading cutting companies world-wide.

With over 120 years tradition of our parent company Messer Cutting Systems, we are building on a solid value foundation. In a virtual world we rely on the strength of our traditional origin, in which people and their personal commitment play a central role. Long years of practical experience in engineering linked to the high innovative strength of our young and dynamic team in IT characterize us.

Innovation at MesserSoft comes from ever closer cooperation with our customers. This leads to really relevant products and services.