Professional Work Preparation

OmniWin 2023 is a simple, clear and fast designing and nesting software, which adapts intelligently to your machine and your cutting needs. It takes over all cutting tasks for order-based production with CNC thermal cutting machines.

OmniWin 2023 is effective and economical for small production runs in the machine and manufacturing industry, as well as in just-in-time manufacturing with changing quantities at custom cutting operations. You save time and materials and work with easy operations. OmniWin 2023 is the ideal tool for production planning with thermal cutting for oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting with CNC machines.


Thermal cutting workshops have to solve numerous tasks in work preparation, before the production on the machine can start. Part geometries must be designed or taken over from customer drawings. Then the parts to be produced must be nested to minimize material usage. The NC nesting plan for the machine must ensure a fast, efficient processing with high cutting quality. While doing this, it should utilize the full technological capabilities of the machine, e.g. with the use of True Hole or Contour Cut.


OmniWin 2023 combines the highest technical flexibility with fast, efficient processing. At the same time you will reduce your costs by minimizing material usage. The integrated operation with CAD, import and nesting for vertical and beveled parts permits a dramatic simplification of your working processes.

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OmniWin Screenshots

2D CAD System

Unfolding of 3D Geometries

NC Simulation

Reporting function


CAD Import

Bevel cutting

Geometry Macros

Multi torch support

Reporting function


OmniWin 2023 Editions






- Professional CAD Part and Plate CreationXXX
- 3-D Visual Rendering of parts and platesXXX
- Standard Shapes LibraryXXX
- Text conversion for Cut-outs or Marking tasksXXX
- CAD Import - DXF, DWG, IGES, DSTV, SolidWorks* Part (SLDPRT) and
  Assembly (SLDAMP), Autodesk Inventor* 
- Read and Translate Administration DataXXX
- Import of images in BMP, JPG, PNG or TIF file formatsXXX
- Import of nesting plans as DXF i.e. Auto Desk TRUNESTXXX
- Reverse import of CNC files to DXFXXX
- Automatic dimensioning of parts and platesXXX

CAD and Nesting

- MS SQL Database for Parts, Nestings, Plates, Profiles and MachinesXXX
- Fast Reports® Creator for professional reportsXXX
- Professional designed workspaceXXX
- Short Cut KeysXXX
- Extensive dimensioning XXX
- Extensve Snap ModesXXX
- Manipulator Tool for rotation, copy, move and mirrorXXX


- Process DatabaseXXX
- Messer Hole Technology supports True Hole® or Contour CutXXX
- Production Time EstimationXXX
- CostingXXX
- Automatic Lead-in/out with CustomizationXXX
- Cut Plan SimulatorXXX
- Interactive nesting (Row and Column, Pattern Matrix) with Single or Multi-TorchXXX
- Collision AvoidanceXXX
- Process OptimizationXXX
- Modify Part, Interior Profile or Marking SequenceXXX
- Technology PartsXXX
- Manual Crop CutXXX
- Work Order Processing with Order Database XX
- Automatic Nesting XX
- Excel import of parts, order items and plates  X
- Stone Mold Cutting  X
- Stitches, Bridges, Common Cut, Corner Loops, Chain Cut, Automatic Corner
- Skeleton Cut Up  X
- Pre-Piercing and Pre-drilling (Option Drill required)  X
- Remnant Plate Creation with Auto Crop Cut  X
* A SolidWorls license is required with installation on the same PC
* * An Autocad Inventor or viewer is required with installation on the same PC


Options for all Editions

  • Option Bevel - Bevel Part Creation
  • Option STEP Import - Import nof 3D STEP Files
  • Option Unfold - Unfold 3D Industrial Fittings
  • Option Boiler End (requires Option Bevel) - Dome Cutting
  • Option Mill - 2.5D Milling Support for Pocket Milling and Through Hole Milling (US only)
  • Option Drill - Drill support

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