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MCS North America

Plasma Technology: In the driver’s seat

How Messer Cutting Systems helps fabricators navigate digital highway with technology and Automation.

MCS Europe

Well paved

Istanbul, Turkey. The rotating stone mould unit (DBST) from Messer Cutting Systems ensures smooth surfaces.

MCS Europe

Winning back customers

Moscow, Russia. Messer Cutting Systems Moscow is offering selected customers the “PlasmaPlus Customer Loyalty Programme” (PPCL).

MCS Europe

Precision round the clock

Bratislava, Slovakia. Tatravagonka relies on the latest fibre laser technology from Messer Cutting Systems: the new PowerBlade 4200.

MCS Europe

Visitor from the Bundestag

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. In politics, the decision-making process usually involves round-table meetings. But sometimes politicians also seek direct dialogue with the public.

MCS World

Season-opening barbecue

Menomonee-Falls, USA. The start of the season for the “Milwaukee Brewers”, a Major League Baseball team playing in the National League, was celebrated in a fitting manner at Messer Cutting Systems NAFTA.

MCS India

Social Events

Since it was founded in 2008, Messer Cutting Systems India has been committed to Education and Social Causes. Taken initiatives to support the Educational institutions in the surrounding for its betterment and well being. In overall these projects have the aim of supporting the development of society at large.

MCS Europe

New room for development in Poland

Gliwice, Poland. - Messer Castolin Eutectic opens new building with 6,500 square metres of floor space.

MCS Europe

Health – our most precious possession

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - The management of Messer Cutting Systems in Groß-Umstadt is well aware that “prevention is better than cure” and therefore organised a health day.

MCS World

First-rate performance thanks to global teamwork

Menomonee Falls, WI, USA. - Messer Cutting Systems invokes the cooperation of international teams with the aim of implementing global projects in the context of local conditions.

MCS Europe

Pipe cutting system PTC500 - Quick and easy to the perfect weld preparation

Gross-Umstadt, Germany. - Messer Cutting Systems presents the new PTC500 with 50° bevels on pipes up to 500 mm Diameter.

MCS World

Messer Group: Corporate responsibility as the basis of all actions

Bad Vilbel, Germany. - Since they were formulated 11 years ago, the corporate values along with mission and vision have formed the basis of every strategy of the Messer Group.

MCS Europe

MetalMaster 2.0 - Suprising website and 3D-Model

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - The MetalMaster 2.0 comes along with ist own new and fresh Website.

MCS Europe

MetalMaster 2.0 – a classic revisited

Gross-Umstadt, Germany. - Highest performance capability in a small space – sounds impossible for a cutting machine? The new MetalMaster 2.0 from Messer Cutting Systems GmbH in Groß-Umstadt offers exactly that and much, much more: and on top of all that the machine is especially economical and combines the advantages of plasma and oxyfuel cutting. As MetalMaster 2.0 presents Messer quality with great value for money, it opens up the door to high quality metal processing for numerous companies.

MCS World

Gas Cost calculator shows savings potential

Krefeld, Germany. - The quality of welds is significantly influenced by the choice of shielding gas mixture. The new ternary mixtures from Messer achieve much better results – saving the customer cash.

MCS World

Increased Productivity by 50 Percent

Menomonee Falls, WI, USA. - Messer Cutting Systems NAFTA and Friedrich Remmert GmbH, is installing five Messer cutting machines and a large material handling system for Manitowoc Cranes, Grove division in the USA.

MCS Europe

Absolutely delighted!

Maintal, Germany. Reschke Schweißtechnik in the Hessian town of Maintal is delighted about the Messer Cutting Systems quality.

MCS South America

Pellizzer receives training on gas regulators

The staff of the maintenance sector of Pellizzer, a company specializing in the manufacture of steel structures for hangars, buildings, industrial and commercial warehouses, gyms, bus terminals, gas stations, etc had a technical training held on the company facilities.

MCS North America

Messer Cutting Systems launches Social Website

Messer Cutting Systems, leading manufacturer of oxyfuel, plasma, and laser plate cutting systems, has launched a new social website for metal cutting professionals to share insights on their specific industry.

MCS North America

Celebrating 60 years of precision cutting technology

Menomonee Falls, WI. – Messer Cutting Systems celebrates 60th Anniversary and 60 years of precision cutting technology in North America.

MCS World

Stefan Messer´s 60th Birthday

Bad Soden, Germany. - In January, Stefan Messer turned 60.

MCS Europe

… and it went zoom

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. Photography enthusiasts among the staff at Messer Cutting Systems in Gross-Umstadt have joined forces to enjoy their shared interest and learn from one another.

MCS Europe

Welding of a highly artistic nature

Prague and Chotěboř, Czech Republic; Budapest, Hungary. - A new monumental sculpture was installed in the centre of Prague last year.

MCS World

World of Excellence with new language options

Gross-Umstadt, Germany. - The World of Excellence, the Company Image Website, now offers information in more languages than ever.

MCS Europe

Messer Eutectic Castolin Slovensko with new online platform

Bratislava, Slovak Republic. - Messer Eutectic Castolin Slovensko has it´s new internet presence online.

MCS World

Messer: Sustainable strategy, steady growth

Bad Vilbel, Germany. - Messer is encouraging business performance in a challenging economic environment.

MCS Europe

MCS Europe opens own YouTube channel

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - Now MCS Europe offers product Videos in own YouTube video channel.

MCS North America

Messer Cutting Ranked in Top Five

Menomonee Falls, Wis. - Messer Cutting Systems is one of the leading makers of cutting systems in the US.

MCS World

Messer Cutting Ranked in Top Five in the US

Menomonee Falls, USA. - Messer Cutting Systems is one of the leading makers of cutting systems in the US.

MCS Europe

MCS Europe launches Google+ Account

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - Messer Cutting Systems Europe is now online with own Google+ account.

MCS Europe

Against everyday stress

Bad Vilbel, Germany. - Exercise keeps fit, brings people together and helps to reduce stress. These benefits are actively promoted in the Messer World.

MCS Asia Pacific

Award for excellent staff management

Kunshan, China. - Messer Cutting Systems China was voted among the “Top 10 most employee-friendly companies” by the city of Kunshan.

MCS South America

Further training as a central theme

Jundiaí, Brasil. - Expertise, practice and a wealth of experience are also the prerequisites for skilled employment at Messer Cutting Systems (MCS).

MCS Europe

Qualified staff boost productivity

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. Expertise, practice and a lot of experience are prerequisites for skilled employment.

MCS Europe

Academy online course offers

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. – The Messer Cutting Systems Academy is now presenting its comprehensive course offer to the wider trade public with its modern new internet presence.

MCS World

Hot stuff

Menomonee Falls, USA. - Our colleagues at Messer Cutting Systems USA organized their own chilli cook-off.

MCS Europe

A German-Polish success story

Gliwice/Chorzów, Poland and Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - The staff of Messer Cutting Systems (MCS) Germany and Poland and Messer Polska worked hand in hand when it came to supplying machinery and gas to heavy plate specialist Universal.

MCS South America

Preventive maintenance prevents unpleasant surprises

Jundiaí, Brasil. - Messer Machines are designed to operate reliably and provide overall productivity for many years. However, any equipment is subject to sudden stops, since they suffer wear over time and all of its components have a useful life.

MCS South America

Oxyfuel: Oldest and economic cutting process

Jundiaí, Brasil. - When in 1908 the Messer & Co. GmbH launched an line of products for cutting and welding based on the mixture of oxygen and acetylene as "Original Messer", no one could imagine that more than 100 years after this process would still be very used and even would be preferred in various industrial segments. That's exactly what happens today. Even with the advent of new processes and the technological evolution we experience, oxyfuel remains.

MCS South America

Genuine consumables increase productivity, improve cut quality and reduce operating costs

Jundiaí, Brasil. - In plasma cutting universe, consumables play an important role. Most of the critical performance of a plasma system relies to the torch, which is formed by a series of complementary parts with specific functions. These could be called parts, but are named consumables because of wearing out during operation.

MCS Europe

Customer is King

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. Messer Cutting Systems is presenting its all-new Service department offering customers a “comprehensive carefree package” that maximizes the availability of their plant and machinery.

MCS South America

New year, new corporate name

Jundiaí, Brasil. - A strange year. Perhaps in this way we can set the year 2014. Different of all previous years of Messer Cutting Systems in Brazil, 2014 began with many backlog. Those projects were of great importance to us, because they counted a lot for our annual sales target and also were unprecedented, complex, motivating and of great reference for us.

MCS Europe

Getting close where it matters most

Istanbul, Turkey. - Messer Aligaz and Messer Cutting Systems exhibited jointly at “WIN Metal Working” in Istanbul for the first time.

MCS Europe

Welcome to Spain

Spain. - Messer Cutting Systems Spain has it´s new internet presence online.


Release Days 2015 at MesserSoft

Dortmund, Germany. Offer new benefits to our clients - that is the goal of the latest generation of OmniWin and OmniBevel cutting software.

MCS World

OmniWin 2015 Enterprise Edition introduced

OmniWin 2015 Enterprise is the new edition for customers with extended integration requirements.

MCS Europe

DVS®-Workshop trains flame straightening craft personnel

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - Qualified crafts personnel were the focal point for the performance and competitive capabilities of a company even before the new EU guideline DIN EN 1090.

MCS World

OmniBevel 2105 Released

The new major release OmniBevel 2015 is released. OB15 contains a significant number of technological improvements and introduces the new online help.

Plasma Cutting Pros

Caterpillar Inc. Testimonial

Aurora, USA. - “Messer Cutting Systems has exceeded our expectations in this application of heavy plate cutting and beveling. The staff at Messer was engaged during from start to finish.”

MCS World

OmniWin 2015 now available

The brand new major release OmniWin 2015 has been released. It contains groundbreaking architectural innovation and provides cutting edge enterprise technology.

MCS Europe

Joint exhibition stand in Bilbao

Bilbao, Spain. - Messer Ibérica de Gases, Messer Cutting Spain and Castolin Ibérica exhibited jointly for the first time at the Machine-Tool Biennial (BIEMH) in Bilbao.

MCS Europe

MEC: Identifying and developing staff potential

Bad Soden, Germany. - Personnel development is a strategic task at MEC Holding too. Its objective is to ensure long-term staff retention at the company.

MCS Europe

From Master’s student to employee

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - In his Master’s thesis in electrical engineering and information technology at Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Marcel Gruber worked on the development of a nozzle inspection machine for Messer Cutting Systems.

MCS World

Stefan Messer receives prize for family-run companies

Berlin, Germany. - Stefan Messer received the “Prize for family-run companies” from the international consultancy and accountancy firm Ernst & Young in Berlin.